Conference format

The online virtual meeting will use Zoom video conferencing. You will need a Zoom account. You can interface with Zoom via the desktop client, a mobile app, and will be also able to join the meeting via browser only (Google Chrome recommended) if you are unable to download the Zoom desktop client. We suggest the desktop client or mobile app, which use less bandwidth than Zoom in your browser. See Zoom help for more:

Information about how to interact with Zoom during the conference can be found here Introduction to Zoom

Scientific presentations will be scheduled for 15 minute intervals.  Presenters will have the option to submit a pre-recorded presentation. Participants can engage with presentations using the chat function in real time.

Specific details for presenters can be downloaded here: Oral Presentation Instructions

Scientific sessions will include presentations grouped thematically. Participants are most welcome to organize their colleagues into thematic sessions of particular interest.

The sessions will be recorded and made available online after the completion of the meeting.

Networking sessions will also be scheduled.

Due to the many time zones represented within our IGCP project, the timing of sessions will be staggered throughout the conference days. In this way, no single region of the globe will have a consistently undesirable meeting schedule.  For sessions that are inconvenient to attend in your time zone, recordings will be available.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first ever virtual conference.  GO BE Online!